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Living dreams

surfacingToday, I will slow down.

I believe in solidarity, in standing up beside and supporting others. I love the energy and jubilation I find in Occupy, in working together, in creating collaborative dreams. I also believe it is good for me to take breaks, to pause and reflect, to look backward and forward on my own.

Looking back I see that my participation in occupy hasn’t been very sustainable when I view the whole of my life. This has only occasionally approached the disaster zone, most of the time it’s been merely troublesome and i’ve been able to shimmy around picking up pieces as they fall. The sense of urgency, of possibility, is strong, magnetic, and I’ve been letting it pull me. Its felt like the right thing to do. I do know that I can’t act in ways that allow the other parts of my life to crumble, but it’s been seductive and often rewarding.

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In addition to bringing together practices from different disciplines (multidisciplinarity),


implies both analysis (taking things apart) and synthesis (bringing things together).

ART is about truth: finding it, expressing it, questioning it, creating it, changing it. At the deepest level I am an artist to create change in the world, and I understand that the best (perhaps only) way to create that change is to change ourselves. I believe art is something one is, as well as something one does.

Like many art forms, particularly those we refer to as craft,


began as function. The quilt that keeps us warm, the shaborri dyed silk we wear against our skin, these artistic explorations also serve us in ways that could be seen as having sheerly practical application. But while potters and weavers can create art that exists alone in a forest, falling without respect to the presence or absence of others, software seems to exist only when we engage with it.

Neolithic, Sumerian and Akkadian, and Greek artworks have deeply influenced my work. Art from these cultures maps a world view in which art and the Sacred are entwined. These depictions of divinity offer us a different perspective on the Sacred.

I embrace digital tools as a way of questioning what art is and what role art has, as our culture transforms into a technological one. It is the fertile ground of intersection that inspires me, the place where

ancient and new combine

to create meaning.

At the core of my engagement with technology is the belief that it affords us the opportunity to

change the dialogues of history,

by including voices that typically go unheard.

ethical systems

in an information society began with questions. They can be consolidated into a single question: Was this information intentionally and directly shared with me personally? I believe my ethical responsibilities, and my options when acting on the information, are contingent on the answer. Our application of publishing metaphors in a search for ethical structures (if it is published online it is information we have the right to act on) ignores both the reality of how we use online tools and the multiplicity of personal identity.