Category: Vine


will I grow beyond this darkest night,
so cold, my skin on ice-fire
this fever burns my defenses, time wont flow forward
the loneliness is astonishing
i had no idea
i could hurt this much

I could pour out my soul in color, or even words
have the satisfaction of shocking you
publish it, feel the world in awe of my power
to feel to express to create

one fleeting moment
cannot ease pain like ice.
cannot express the depth of this cold.

even my shadows
are in pain this night
it is they who speak
I have gone into hiding,
i cannot trust
the sun will rise tomorrow

Dance of Delirium

the days pass
archive of loss
torturous hope
and I begin to believe you
are gone

your silence
screams through my veins
longing storms of touch
words dreams whisper
this void, my life
yields only memories the rhythms of our passion,
can you not hear them?
the breathless ache
of souls memory
the colors of our destiny,
do they call only to me?

love shapeshifts,
into demons
claws scratching walls of ice
howling reminders
of ancient scars
woman on the cross, hands that bleed,
witch who dared
now burns for eternity.


I feel you in twilight dreamstates
one moment
before this world
finds me
and claws at my projected self
revealing torn flesh, old truths,
and beckoning me to the edge.

I have been so blind.
This is not a crossroads,
it is a familiar cliff.
I know these winds, this air
can see below me
pieces of myself I have flung into the sea.

I wonder
if you stood beside me
would you pull me from the edge?
would you follow me to the rocks below?
could you bear to watch me destroy myself?

As You Will

Each time you feel water
rushing over your skin
pressing into your every cell
tempting you with its abandon
calling you as it rises
refusing limits,
touching every part of you
You will know my tears.
waterfall into the void.
When you reach for the woman in your bed
searching for the fires of your own passion
yearning for desire
that would groan to meet you
dance inside the flames
that gasp and scream
You will hold the darkness,
alone, empty
that you left me to burn in.
When the winds cry out to you
you will remember the sounds of naked desire
you will hear the pain you created
knowing that you once sang
that I once flew
you will hear the agony you could have spared me
with only a whisper
you will feel how fragile I was
as I heard only your silence.

Each time you meet the eyes of your reflection
Know the soul who once dreamed
who spilled the lifeblood of vision.
You will see the crossroads again
You will know that I wait there for you always

Live. In the Center of your fear.
So it shall Be.


men who love me all dream
of being bitten
by a butterfly

I do not doubt their love
or that they bleed
something in my soul is sharp
black volcanic glass
the ceremonial knife
that offers sacrifice surrender and

it is a craving
he wrote to me
it is a mirror
i whispered back.
that one haunts me still
he is a Vine

I dream of the Green Muse
Erratos song
Erra’s hands
VineWoman growing
around the obsidian butterfly

there is noone to tell
why should that matter
but it does

if I could change it
I would