Category: Vine

Just Once

I want your eyes.
i want to feel then on me, hold them with mine,
dive and swim into their depth.

ghosts of dreams,
and of the future
taunt me
tempt me
and cry out to me.

now. knock on my door.
do it.
love me.
enough to risk
love yourself
as I do
breathe me in
until you burn

I’ve seen your eyes.
what do you think you can hide from me.

stay away from me tonight.
I love you.
I would add your name to the list
men who would tell you
how destructive I am

I want to be loved
by someone who carries no regret

In the Dark

what do you think you can hide from me

I know your secrets,
they tempt me with their fragrance
I follow the scent, hungry
licking the edges, shuddering at the bitterness
sucking it away from you
because I can.

I can see in the Dark.

what do you think you can hide from me

I have seen your eyes.
overflowing with broken dreams
spilling music and memory
until your face is streaked
rivers tracing a web
through the grime that hides you

I can see in the Dark.

what do you think you can hide from me

I know you naked
you are flesh trapped by spirit
you are mountainous
covered with mirrors and ice
fire, that refuses air

I can see in the Dark.

what do you think you can hide from me

I feel your dreams steadily beating
pushed through your veins
blood spilling out in me
marking my thighs

and I remember them.

what do you think you can hide from me
I can see in the Dark.


I am afraid.
Not of heights, they tempt me to fly
or spiders, I am envious of their work
or snakes, although this one I had to work on,
not of needles, I spent too much time drawing blood
or the dark, She is an old friend
or ghosts, unless they’re my own
not of Satanic Cults, but of Christian ones
or growing old, I want to have long silver hair
or of dying, what would be the point?

I am afraid

of storms, and the lightning that I feel in my heart
of dreams and the people who scream there
of myself, and the rage I hide behind my skin
and, I am afraid,
of you.


falling               falling

I fall further than I dreamt.

I understood the cliff’s narrow edge
the risk, the cold
exposed, alone.
I did not know how high that precipice was
how far I could fall.

wordless screaming           through chilling space
at the speed of dark
I feel the pressure of decent
pushing against my skin
bones ache, grind against one another
water, air, hope, squeezed out of me
every cell of self fights for space
as I grow smaller
falling.           falling . . .


icegrey, frostblue, the ash browns of deepwinter
these are the colors i see with my hands
death, and silence.
hands that dance alone

the loom you built,
the shining threads were gifts
from many,
that we learned to love together
that learned to love from us
now that I try to weave alone
the colors will not flow,
the meanings tangle into impossible knots
I can do nothing
I cannot carry this alone.

each wound renews the oldones
my blood is spilling faster than i can survive
you are gone,
but I didn’t let you leave
now i must
or let my self disappear with you.

I don’t know that I can
I don’t know how
to piece a golem from shards
can I create even a chimera now

help me
I’ve never asked you that before
it is hard now

love me, fully,
or let me release you.