Category: Vine


I love you goodbye.
– -the refrain
sung by a chorus that moves thru my life-

yes I know
that you must do what is right for you
and most of the time
that is what I wish for you.
but today
it hurts too much.-

do you think you recognize yourself?
that I write these words for you?
you are just part of a chorus, all singing.
i love you goodbye


this will eat me alive
from the outside in
watching you
outside of me
wearing you
inside of me

maybe dreams can kill
bleeding the soul each night
feeding the parasites
that live on heartbreak
bloated demons
full of my past

or will I dissolve
a brittle shell on sharp sand
ashes lifted by fetid winds
tears sucked into the dry red earth
to mark my passing
through your heart


I feel the chill of a body
whose soul leaves at night
Numb flesh, struggling, reaching
to reclaim, renew, re member.

The colors of my waking world
are dulled. Mars Black,
seven shades of gray
fight with the brilliant lightness
I have mixed so lovingly.

I wake and fight for breath,
tossed back into myself, or whomever,
by tidal waves of dreaming Storms.

Mornings are so cold,
even sunrise brings no warmth.
I cover myself in layer after layer,
daily life, pressing needs,
dead lines.
I draw closer to the Fire,
compelled by its Heat, its illumination
willing it to enter me
to burn away the Night,
fighting what I know.
Dreams are borne by Flame


I cannot not be
a shameful secret
of should and heart
of anything

I cannot accept
the remains of anyone’s attention
stolen moments
bestowed erratically

I want more.

I want love
that will meet me
with the depth I will offer
without limits
willing to risk the edge

I want passion
that will feed my own
with its freedom
and its hunger

I will not accept anything less.
I am no longer willing to compromise.
I want more.

Mirror Mirror

I am the Mirror.

They look into me
guilt gilded frame, foreign,
handmade by the faceless ones
seeing their reflection
feeling their own desire
hearing echoes
of who they dreamt
they could become

I reflect
to the power of passion
that which is offered
and that which is hidden
from the waking world

A prism, twisting with each need
full spectrum
desire and loss
I break beneath the light
shattered into color

A mirror has no reflection
casts no shadow
undefined existence.

I am Echo
Narcissus calls me to the surface
drinks from me
quenching his pain
the oasis in his journey.

Each passerby knows, admires,
the strength of the Wildling
the creature of the Mirror
the echo of ecstasy.

Why are they blind,
to the shards,
fractured vision broken anew
with each departure.

Fists, pounding into the mirror
shattering beyond repair
would be more honest
than this Gazing
without the courage
to See Into the Mirror.