Category: Vine


thunder of regret
shifts the hues of my dreams
but I this is who I am
woman of the greens

drumbeats beckon
and I walk through fire
I will never refuse them
I will dance with Desire

passion demands of you
courage of the soul
the risks are worth
the life that is whole

love is the answer, always.

The Last One

I have replaced you.
He even wears your name
when it escapes my lips
a sigh, moan, whisper
I own it. It tastes like freedom.

I finally cried for you (after all these years) in his arms after
I fucked him without memory
burning wet with renewal.
The tears were dry and cool.
He asked me why and I told him
I am falling in love.

It would make a better myth
to say that he is unreal
mere shadow of the story
that you were
fragment of my need, to rewrite love
but I’ve stopped lying for you.
He is nothing like you.
He is a rare and precious surprise.

He is achingly sweet, and new
to the song of dark passion
the forbidden.
It flows in him like lightning on dry grass.
I am air
feeding fire.

The strength in him bruises me
dark purple symbols of a spirit map.
I suspect in him
the courage you never held
to surrender to passion without being
afraid of drowning in his desire.

He doesn’t wear lust as a blindfold
his brilliance is too strong
to hide from Mirrors
It wraps around his arms like dragons
the sacred mark
of He who becomes a king, a god, a Lover
If he chooses.

This poem is
the last one.
You have become
the last one,
not the love of my life,
just the last one.

Speaking Truth

I feel my Aloneness
while you beat your fists upon the Earth
newground, old, sacred, undiscovered
my world tremors with your rage
and you refuse
to grasp
my outstretched hand.

I fight the tides
longing to drift, to float, to feel
waves of rebirth

Will you refuse
to bend to flow to ebb with Her
and whose body
will you find
crushed against the stones of Dreams
lifeless, heavy with the salty water of regret.

I feel my desire
see you reaching
across fires of preconception
feeling your burning as my own
will my strength be enough to hold you ?
or will you abandon me to the Flame

I bear the chill of changing winds
again, arms outstretched, woman on the cross,
words that wound, tears that burn

I face the East again
direction of my Birth
Spirits of Rebirth
Will I stand alone

Are these words
earth water fire air
your release ?
foolish Witch
they are
a Dare.

SomeOne New

I know I wont love again,
I will live without it.

I will expose myself, only in my work.
and there, more fully than before.
I will feed off this death,
Carrion of my own passion.
I will find ways
to face the fool in the mirror
unlovable woman, trusting illusions
will you?

you knew.
that of all the times in my life
this was the most fragile
test of my strength
destruction of my identity.
you knew that you could hurt me
in ways no one else had

This is not the life I dared
I wanted to be a writer when I was a child
Ive survived the death of dreams before
This will be the last time.

by dawn tomorrow I will have released you
traded agony for emptiness
tonight’s crescent moon slashing my heart
sickle of renewal,
blade of this death.

Will you feel the change
the ebbing of our future
released into the blackness
returned, food of jackals
coyote, trickster, take back this gift
i refuse to lose my soul
in fire that only i have the courage to feel.
Will you know the death this sunrise brings ?

as I enter the dreamwalk away from you
will I hear your voice ?
one whisper, tonight,
and I would lay down this knife.
but we three,
you and I and the moon
the night will scream with your silence
and the dawn will release me.

Remaining Memories

I will not deny Desire
But I cannot bear the force of Yearning
for what I cannot have.
The winds collide with the waters,
the worlds burn in chaos.
I evaporate, matter becomes mist
too fragile for form
too transparent to be touched.
Nothing remains.

If I could risk that edge again,
these waves might take me
someplace new.
It’s the strength of dreaming courage
that creates our landscapes
that invites them into Time.

I swim in one that includes you but is safe from you.
It is lonely, but I survive it.
Nothing remains the same.
I will not float safely here forever,
with memory as a Lover,
your image reflected on the surface.
I cannot divine the future of waters and winds,
I do not try.

My skin breathes water now as well as air.
I’ve become fish as well as bird,
as full in darkness as in light.

oh for the courage
to bend these waters to my will
to brave the depths of Yearning
to become the winds of change

too much
to brave

Nothing, remains the same.