Category: The River


I am seduction
and you are the hive
the scent of honey
the song of zills

blood has wings
tears have hands
and desire has a rhythm

your skin
is one more veil
let it fall, show me


I am stronger than you
I know you love the struggle
call, response,

and the moon is almost full.

A year ago
I offered secret rhythms
the hunters song, the
healing touch

Follow me.
This is the song of men
of Pan of horns of dreams

I know you fear loss

Lie back
and listen


I will dance, won’t I
teasing the edge
spinning poi
butterfly in moonlight

Today I float, rosemary water
hyacinth breeze
doves look at me
We sing
prayers to Aphrodite
sirens of the air

There is a music of the Earth
you can still hear
and I know it

Yes, I am taunting you
but you could never prove it