Category: Starving


I invite you,
too far in
further than you can extend
further than I can bend

time lost and feared
dreams bleeding dry
your absence, my presence
our distance, this lie.

you are bound, not free
as am I
but to you
we chose these chains
open veins
remything Hell, until it’s true

You are fear
I am death
I to you, you of me
we escape no songs of grief
when we refuse what we see

Hades calls and I descend
fed by hunger
mourning light
fruit and vine
the seed was mine
it has grown
dark with flight

I know

You’re in love with me, arent you
isn’t that because you know
I always will.

I wont offer you judgement
I pour out my need
within my body
you get to Bleed

You are fascinated
aren’t you
by this willingness to expose
heart open to the world
what you would be
if you could
believe that you should

I spread myself
and you find permission
the hunger
and the power
of my apparent submission

who holds the secrets
of unnamed desire
the fool?
the priestess?
the musician
or the liar?

What more sacred act
invokes your God
my flesh begs you
come in, COME IN
whose altar will you choose to dream
who forgives your sins ?

You’re in love with me
arent you
because you know
you have no place so hidden
so dark, so forbidden
that I will not go
there’s no limit
there’s no answer
there’s no end, no control
no escape
no boundary
no compromise
of your soul

You’re still in love with me
Aren’t you



I am the seed
deep inside soul
waiting, waiting
becoming whole
This is the moment
that you are mine
the dance that lives
outside of time

Drink from me and love forever
taste my flesh, take me in
dream with me as your lover
come for me, shed your skin

I am the green
that will cover you
vines that bind
and rise anew
This is the mystery
that grows, that dies
This is the fire
that lives in your eyes

Drink from me and love forever
taste my flesh, take me in
Dream with me as your lover
come for me, shed your skin

I am the word
Scream my name
forces of nature,
we are the same
This is the whispered
prayer that escapes
lips that part
breath that creates

Drink from me and love forever
taste my flesh, take me in
dream with me as your lover
come for me, shed your skin

I am the Flesh
become divine
power of life
you are mine
This is the taste
blood and sea
eat. drink. of immortality

Come to me and love forever
Drink from me, Take me in
Dream with me, my Lover
Come for me, Shed your skin


Excuse me, Sir
a favor, if you please
the next time you call me difficult
could you add the words “FOR ME”
or the next time you call me DIFFICULT
I won’t smile so passively

The next time you call me Difficult
I’ll show you lips that spit fire
and an ass that wont bend over
Mine, you fucking liar
you respect me, you accept me, I’m one of you
you’ll include me, don’t delude me
the day I grow a dick

Mr. Bossman, Mr. Husband, Misstah Manager, C E O,
How fuckin difficult will it be
to replace me when I go

I ain’t wearing your uniform
I don’t believe in your God
don’t care about your bottom line
your intentions or your facade
I won’t carry your cross
or be burned at your stake
you aren’t “saved”, you are LOST
by the prayers that you make.

It’s your ignorance that is Difficult
and demeaning and unfair
when I blow this structure by
Its too bad, you’ll still be there
You had potential, I saw it
to break free, lose the chains
but it was too damn difficult
that’s what remains
in my memory
in your life
in your future
and your eyes
you fed on false truths
and you are swollen with lies

Watchout Whiteboys.
Things are about to get