Category: Poetry


your flesh is marked with my spirit
as the hunted tastes the hunter
we are both prey

the gods make love
in this holy land
of skin and sweat, scent and sigh
leaves crushed between us
like green silk

…you are both mine…
She whispered
as sunlight burned my eyes
glowing purple, re-creating eternity
calling us in
to one another

we are living an ancient promise
darker than memory can hold
a union of souls
in mystery, in the place where time meets itself
and returns
in us

On the seventh night
after the veil has thinned
your heart
will never be free of me
the unbroken circle
drawn upon us
by an open destiny


i am witness to my own death.

i will rebirth myself, but this you will not see.
i will have flown too far away from you,
your vision is not strong enough.

it takes strength to see your own heart in the darkness,
to know your own will.
to blame you for this lack
is to blame a cat for murdering a bird.
it was only hope.

hope is the difference between dreams and illusions.
I held it,
carried it inside my body,
but I cannot bring it to birth alone.

I will mourn its death,
pouring grieving tears into the earth,
until this skin is worn away.
i am a snake with wings,
the ChildTwins of the phoenix.

we have flown together in lifetimes past,
but this you do not remember.
perhaps in a future yet to be written
you and I will meet in the darksky
and remember the lemniscate pattern of the stars
the spiritmap of who we were meant to be
remember each other
and remember this lifetime
and its death
remember the murder of hope
and wear it’s wings.

if only you had held on to me
i could have led you through the fire
shown you the secrets of wings
and kept you from falling.


I am in such pain.

there is no sound that can hold it,
carry it beyond my lips
onto the winds of change.
but this silence
is so loud. ocean storm,
that will destroy.

medusas face
the sirens song
the sibyls blade
the serpents kiss
I reclaim you.

who will witness Her, the sacred Witness?
who dares that sight?
I did.

the price of your cowardice is my soul.
will I burn forever ?


heads I am being impatient
tails I am being taken advantage of

heads I will keep my heart open to you
tails I will not risk your uncertain heart

heads I let you torture us both now with indecision
tails I watch you torture yourself later with regret

heads I’ll believe you are capable of this life
tails I won’t wait for you

heads I’ll trust you
tails I already tried that

I am worth more than a coin toss.
If you cannot decide,
then you already have.


I hold many secrets
but are they if I tell you
that you should know
before you risk your heart.

I do not walk,
I dance. Drawing infinity with my hands.
This spiral is darker than you can know
until you begin. And then
it is too late.

Who you love
will be much more than I
and much more dangerous.
You will know the broken mirror,
taste the pomegranate scented seeds
and caress the edge, inviting
the obsidian blade.
Would you become the Beloved
of the Queen of the Dark ?

I have become fearless
with a heart full of fear
I have surrendered
with the strength of fragility.
I no longer worry for myself,
a futile distraction from the dance.
The only way you can hurt me
is to allow yourself to be hurt
by me.
Anything else
I will survive.

I will ask of Her
a happy ending.
One. Just this once.
It is not so much…

But you should know
what She will ask of you in return.

I love you enough
to warn you. But I love you enough
to hope.
I love you enough
to trust
that the strength in you
unlike any I have known
will be enough.