Category: Poetry

Descent 185

I look out onto my garden
and I see a dead body
I imagine
____who I’d like it to be.

I bought a Journal of Poetry
knowing I would alter all it’s precious words
____pastels, bodily fluids and wax.
I resent their 24grand MFAs
even though I have the money.

I know why we kneel to pray
bent over hymns
fucked hard enough to see god ____ ____ moaning
____the secret names of Quedesha.

This culture is collapsing
I want to want to celebrate
proud fisted cheering, spiral dancing on shrinkwrapped bones…
Some Activist.
____Priestess charged
____with holding
and I just want a cigarette.


I am seduction
and you are the hive
the scent of honey
the song of zills

blood has wings
tears have hands
and desire has a rhythm

your skin
is one more veil
let it fall, show me


I am stronger than you
I know you love the struggle
call, response,

and the moon is almost full.

A year ago
I offered secret rhythms
the hunters song, the
healing touch

Follow me.
This is the song of men
of Pan of horns of dreams

I know you fear loss

Lie back
and listen


I will dance, won’t I
teasing the edge
spinning poi
butterfly in moonlight

Today I float, rosemary water
hyacinth breeze
doves look at me
We sing
prayers to Aphrodite
sirens of the air

There is a music of the Earth
you can still hear
and I know it

Yes, I am taunting you
but you could never prove it


the nightmares in my blood
create a lunar rhythm of their own
inside these cold cave walls
where no sound escapes

caught in the brackish water
the black foam where two
realities bleed and blend
I cannot breathe
this tastes of poison
and smells like death

the only way you will lose me
is by losing your self

I swallow stones to weigh myself down
my belly full, like the moon
holding me here, waiting for you
to call yourself back

I bend the rules of time
wondering how long I can wait
for you to return, to remember
to become who who are
it won’t be for infinity
the calling of the wind is too loud,
to be tethered is to die.

Call yourSelf back into your life, myLove
our painful difficult challenges are always
the most sublimely simple ones
remember, who you are