Category: Poetry

And or Not

There is a small dark part of me that
cherishes my disease of difference.
the tangled weaving of uniqueness
preens in mirrored rooms of my unconscious
dancing feverishly to the drumbeat
of what I am NOT

My body lives in AND
greedy, impatient passion
touching, thirsting for the
cocreative storms
AND more.

For Sale

I tear out pieces of my self
offer them to you
you the client, and you the faceless ones
who spend your attention
in this realm of ether and noise

these shoes, Play this game
the messages scream at streaming speed
burying the beauty, or the pain
that lies, beneath the movement.

do I continue?
pixels for sale, art is cheap
She is five
brilliant and trusting
she has only me.

Diffuse those masks
subdue those emotions
erase those dreams and shift these colors
Its your Money.
Its my soul.

work, my life
there is no difference
demons clawing quicksand
they do not require your permission.
Shred these images,
mark them with your money
you will never see
what lies beneath the watermark.
My work is there
in spite of you.

is five.