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Brady Bunch Beach Trip

Legal rights for Pachamama

This is brilliant. Ecuador is working on outlining legal rights for Trees, Rivers, Air…. Nature, Pachamama, Earth Goddess.  My favorite part of the article :

…  to propose granting rights to nonhuman entities: Many countries, including the United States, have long held that corporations possess many of the same rights – such as the rights to free expression and to due process – that human beings have. 

No. Just: No

After a wonderful beach vacation I have work to do, and emails to answer, and phone calls to return. But my attention keeps turning, I’m like a bad linda blair clip, to this bailout bullshit.

My internal barometer is not consistent, I admit that the efforts to stomp on our buttons of fear are at least entering my consciousness even while I’m skeptical. What if I am blindly responding to the last time they cried wolf (no disrespect to wolves or their friends) ?

Still. My overriding feeling is : Fine, let it burn. I don’t really even buy it actually. This is too familiar. There’s a CRISIS, act NOW, come together and do what we say because we are all in GREAT PERIL, you’ll be sorry if you don’t do what we say immediately, there is no time to waste thinking about it.

um, no. Hell no. It reeks. Do you smell it too ? It’s the scent of dishonesty, manipulation.

No. Let it burn.

Spiral Dance Video


Healing for Greg

Last weekend many folks spent part or all of their day doing magic for Greg’s healing. I wanted to work with water…
A few more pics are on flickr.