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Has it really been a month since posted anything here ? I’ll blame it on the economy. Just like everydamnotherthing. 

Yesterday’s client meeting was a disaster. But everyone involved was kind.  Nice. Hard to put a face to a villain, they are all just trying to hang on to their own jobs, watching coworkers get laid off every day, wondering if they are next. 
I’m calm. Too calm probably, perhaps it’s going to hit later. Or maybe not. Maybe I can stay here, a calm yeah-whatever, until the next door opens. 
There’s only one downside: no income for 2009. Okay, thats big. But there are more upsides..
(1)This makes the typical holiday stress seem like nothing.  So what if I can’t score that stupid overpriced thing my kid desperately wants, sowhat if I haven’t planned a menu for the 24th yet, so what if I haven’t finished buying gifts, got bigger things to worry about.
(2)I’m sick of aerospace anyway. Six years is enough. I can forget what lopas are, how to spell Nieuwegen, and goddess only knows how many ips. 
(3)I’ve learned a lot of tech that I can surely use in other ways. Or not, if I don’t want to. Flex.  I think I’ll keep that. Adobe came through with my CS4 upgrade, there’s lots to explore in that that I haven’t gotten to. 
(4)Time.  Huge upside.  Assuming I limit myself to x hours a day spent on either stressing, finding new clients, doing the work, or finding a job, I could end up with more time for things I enjoy. Art. Gardening. Reading. Hiking. Doing nothing. 
(5)I won’t now have to worry about transferring so many old files onto my new computer. 
(6)I could look for a job with things like health insurance and sick leave and vacation time (and unemployment, in case this happens again). 
(7)I could look for freelance work doing graphics. 
(8)I could sell everything I own on ebay and buy a yurt. Naw, that one isn’t really an upside.
(8  do-over) I could sell lots of crap I own on ebay and have more room.
(9) I can do more things that don’t involve looking at a computer screen. Starting… Now :)

you have to see this…

Here.  quick, before someone sues and it comes down….


First draft here.


First draft and meaning here.


First draft and rune meaning here.