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A new Mayor

For twenty two years my city has had a republican whiteguy mayor. The last 16 of them have been the same guy, pat mccrory.  McCrory is the kind of guy who would get along with sarah palin, he’s got a nice smile, he’s not just white but airbrushed-white and he has the support of the raging neoconservatives and racists.

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The Lions Den of a Townhall Meeting

There was a healthcare reform town hall meeting last night held by my conservative rep Sue Myrick, and Ron and I went. We didn’t get there early enough, so were not able to sit together. BIG mistake.

There were maybe 600 people there ( maybe twice that many ? dunno) and I only counted a half dozen progressives. All the things I’d read and heard in the news about the conservatives attending these meetings were so very true. The huge vitriol and anger is not actually about healthcare, it was about racism (including some raising of arms in heil hitler manner every time Obama’s name was mentioned), it was about anti abortion sentiment (the blood on the hands of liberal democrats from the murder of unborn babies and old people), lots of communist/socialist commentary, and a HUGE amount of time went to very frightening anti immigrant rhetoric. Death panels and books, bizarre fears about Obama czars and citizen militias, interment camps for conservatives (wtf ??) you name it, I heard every weirdo thing mentioned, all accompanied by thunderous applause and rude awful things being shouted.

I almost took my teenage daughter with me but she stayed home to do homework. I’m now glad she wasn’t there, it felt a lot less safe than I was expecting, even though there was a huge police presence.

There seemed to be some non local orchestrated people present, but that was not at all the whole of it, there were many many local people. All in all it was WAY more frightening than I was expecting, the hostility of that crowd was unbelievable. I did not go intending to speak, but once there in that crowd felt I needed to stand up and be counted.

I stood in line to speak, one of only four non-conservatives who spoke. If there were more of us in the crowd who didn’t speak I understand why, it was a scary scary room ! By the time I was close to the mic in line I realized that the energy in the front of the room was just as bad as it was in the back where I’d been sitting. Fear and intimidation works. There were many things that I passionately believe that I would NOT have risked saying aloud in that environment. I’m no chickenshit, and trust me, I was scared.

I identified myself first as a small business owner and person of faith, said that my support of universal healthcare is because I consider this a moral issue. I made a few other points, but the room was so very hostile and scary, I was way too nervous to remember things that were in my head. One man was escorted out by police when he wouldn’t stop screaming at a woman with liberal views who spoke before I did. I also called the crowd out on their rude hostile behavior, which I actually got a little less of than the 3 liberal people who spoke before me. I tried to be kind and gracious when I spoke, that helped too. There was what seemed to be a stunned silence when I was speaking, at least at first. Ron told me later that when one guy sitting behind him who was yelling at me to shut up and sit down etc. he (Ron) turned and used his best school teacher voice to tell him “that was RUDE” and that guy actually shut up !

I’m still reeling a little, I haven’t seen shit like that in a long time. I also don’t think I’ve ever been present for something like this where there were so very few other likeminded people present. It’s a very different thing to be so alone in that kind of crowd.

In 3 days

In 3 days I fly to vermont for my first residency at Goddard. I hear that makes me a G1, Goddard lingo for newbie in the MFA – IA program(more lingo : MFA in Interdisciplinary Art).

I’ve been lying around for about a week, in pain from a hurt neck, so I haven’t really prepared.  Today I woke up and the pain is almost gone, the sun looks brighter, the world looks better and I am heading off to start an adventure in 3 days.  I’m mildly nervous, but it’s small, mainly I’m curious.

This all happened so quickly, from deciding to apply to getting ready to pack, it’s been quicker and easier than I expect a big change to be.

The program takes two and half years, and in three days I start. It’s almost real.

the River

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April Fools day is sortof an internet holiday. It’s like recess for techies. Everyone plays.

The ideological search from Yahoo is my favorite this year. Don’t just read the announcement, TRY it.

My second favorite is CADIE.

The email I got from Sarah Palin was really funny, thanks to code pink.