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Environmental Poster


In addition to the General Strike everywhere, a meeting of A.L.E.C, and  the BoA shareholders meeting, May in Charlotte also includes the shareholders meeting of Duke Energy. Duke gets a lot of attention here, not just from Occupy Charlotte, but from RAN and Greenpeace as well. There are too many issues to name them all, but coal is a big one –  affecting our air, water, and earth.

Illustrating the impacts of coal seemed better suited to an info-graphic than a painting, so this one was a challenge for me.

The thumbnail links to an 11×17 pdf which does not have the lower text and Occupy Charlotte logo.


Transforming Bank of America

Bank of America hurts

Bank of America’s corporate practices continue to harm many people. Living in Charlotte where many of my neighbors are employed by Bank of America I hope that efforts to separate Bank of America into several smaller entities are successful. It would be good not only for all Americans, but also for local folks.

May Day Strike

Occupy is calling for a general strike on May 1st.

I’d like to see a greater understanding of the gender disparities when we discuss economic injustice. That desire led to this piece.

After hearing me describe it a friend suggested I do a series titled “Get pissed off”.  Funny thought.

The imagery in this grew out of abstracts created with one of the Abaton applets, which I then printed and applied encaustic to.







I’ve been doing a lot of hard edge illustratory style stuff lately, it’s what generally works best for things like fliers banners etc, general art support that can be utilized in many ways. But I can only do so much of that before the urge to return to my own preferred style rises up and threatens to take over.

This is rough but has been fun to work on thusfar. With things intended as “fine art”, whatever the hell that really is, I don’t worry about print costs, color etc. It’s nice as a challenge though to see where I go when I do hold those restraints in my head.

International Women’s Day

I’ve been making a lot of Occupy supporting art lately, banners, signs etc.  At some point it dawned on me that designing things as stencils would be an excellent idea. Not only to offer a way for others to participate more easily (the big thing) but also for the street art potential. Thinking in stencils is new to me, this was my first effort. I also learned that cutting stencils is a pretty big pain!  But I assume it’ll be worth it, especially when I can do some multi layered stencils. I also wanted to move away from the overtly masculine fist. I got a bit carried away on feminizing the fist, but it was fun.