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Camp E

“Evict us, we’ll Multipy”

And that is exactly what happened. Occupy Charlotte added an occupation site in front of the government center that was immediately designated as Camp E. Yes, the the letter D was skipped, but E for Evict was too tempting to pass up.

Occupy DNC

[youtube mwneTUQG77M]

Occupy Charlotte speaks to the Charlotte City Council on the proposed new ordinances that will curtail protest at the DNC and evict Occupy Charlotte.

In three minutes.

Coalition to Protest @ the DNC

Honoring Ancestors

Walkupiers Arrested for looking at Public Art

Two Walkupiers arrested tonight. This was not a protest or action. This was citizens standing on the sidewalk looking at art.

[youtube WGpKy9_BVe4]
The video above was recorded by Jason Dow of Occupy Charlotte.

These murals are public art, they are the fourth stop on the Public Art Walking Tour published by the Charlotte Mecklenburg Center City Public Art Tour. The mural that the Walkupiers were admiring is featured in the brochure itself which is available for download on the Charlotte Arts & Sciences Council Website.