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[image title=”Seshat” size=”medium” id=”1191″ align=”none” alt=”Seshat” ]

For thousands of years in Egypt, She was honored as the Goddess of Writing, the creator of the written word.  She was known as Mistress of the House of Books, a deity of Wisdom, Astronomy, Astrology, Architecture, and Mathematics.

She was also called upon as “Sesheta” which means hidden things, mysteries, secrets.


[image title=”white water paddlers wilsons creek ” size=”medium” id=”1145″ align=”left” alt=”white water paddlers wilsons creek ” ]

When we were at Wilson’s Creek I watched whitewater paddlers navigating tricky and dangerous rapids. Brave, I would never have attempted it. As we watched, the girls climbing large rocks for a better view I saw some of the paddlers noticing the us. It reminded me of the stories of Sirens, if the paddlers paid more attention to the girls than the river they would surely crash and burn. My glee at discovering the modern day white water Sirens stayed with me, so I painted them.

Sirens are an old old concept. Their first incarnation in our collective stories are as old as Bird-Snake Goddess figures and cave paintings. In old Greek stories the Sirens were the sister girlfriends of Persephone, growing wings to search for Her after the descent into the underworld. In medieval times they were referred to as Sirens of the Philosophers, revealers of the mysteries.  There is a great deal of overlap between Sirens and Mermaids, in some languages the word is even the same. Images of Sirens/Mermaids as Goddess exist in multiple cultures and geographies, one of the earliest Siren images is of Freya, there’s also Derceto (Palestine), Yemaya (Africa), Tirgata (Syria), Aphrodite of course, and abundant images in Thailand, India, China…

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