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Ancestral Tree J30

Ancestral Tree J30‎

22″ x 28″ Mixed Media Created as the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department arrested us during the eviction of Occupy Charlotte and the destruction of the Art Studio. The writing on the left is a list of my maternal ancestors, who arrived in 1698 and then moved to the Charlotte area. They were Quakers and camped here as a nonviolent protest. The words on the right side ask “Will I be arrested for crayons? How can this be?”


Photo by Grant Baldwin


photo credit – Jeff Siner


This is what a police state looks like

[youtube WixG41iaN1Q]
video of my arrest

… and this is what a mugshot looks like.

One of the Q-City 7

Morning of #J30CLT

I’d been keeping a video journal on my phone of the events prior to January 30th when seven of us were arrested, six for refusing to leave the Occupy Charlotte Art Studio. This is video from the morning of the 30th, including the moments before I tossed my phone out of the tent into the hands of a supporter.

[youtube sQKSmltPGuc]