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Work in progress…

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Work in progress…

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Work in progress…

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Her mirrors

the Weaver, dear one
she will wind your essence upon her loom.

Offer her yourself
and she will paint you
into her warp of mirrors
carelessly spilling your emotions
so that she may see herSelf.

The truth of illusion
is a dangerous dance,
the drumbeat you hear
may be the rhythm of your heart.



You are fire.
Compelling me to reach
into the sun, touching your essence
of poetry, passion and pain. I feel
the orange of amber and loneliness
the crimson of my own skin, responding to
hands that see beyond my fear, tempting me
my own limits.

You are the stars
brilliant constellations present only in darkness
describing my universe, sharing your secrets of
past and future. I study you
mystery that you are
and find answers to riddles I had
no hope of understanding until you.

You are flight
twisting and soaring above rivers
of polluted waters
gliding on currents only you could create
risking the fall, the pull of darkness
giving me your wings, lifting
me to meet you. Teaching me
as only winged guides can,
to see the other half of my soul.