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work in progress.

I’m not sure what I think of this.  It’s another of the things I wouldn’t have bothered to attempt without a tablet.

[image title=”sekhmet-wop” size=”medium” id=”1041″ align=”none” ]

There is a lot that doesn’t thrill me about this. But there are a few things I like…

the suggestion of fire (She is a solar deity often associated with fire)
the loose strokes could potentially give it a rising up out of the earth feel
i like the right side lots more than the left

I’m not sure if I like it enough to finish it. But it was an interesting excersize. There’s a magazine I like – Painter Mag – and they do a competition each month. This started as an entry for that, you have to use a photo they supply… here is the one I used:

[image title=”lion-shot” size=”thumbnail” id=”1040″ align=”none” ]


The full finished piece is in the gallery (identity) but here’s a bit of the detail:

[image title=”demeter-closeup” size=”medium” id=”1031″ align=”none” ]

This is an example of what is possible with a tablet and stylus that is all but impossible without one. Even using a stylus, it took about six weeks (off n on) to do this graphic – a solid hard-at-it week of just the skin on the face.  It’s a combination of airbrushed and tinting strokes, blended together, over and over and over. For a week. But it was worth it, I love the results. It would take another month to really finish it with all the detail I can see in my head, but that probably is not worth it.


[image title=”persephone” size=”medium” id=”1024″ align=”none” alt=”Persephone” ]

The final(ish) version of the Maiden.


[image title=”mother” size=”medium” id=”1017″ align=”none” alt=”Mother” ]

The final (to the degree that is ever true) version of the Mother piece I’ve been working on. I’m pleased.

Intuos 4

That’s what’s new in my world.

I had one of the first wacom tablets, ages ago.  Like over a decade. I was excited by the idea of it, but ended up hating the reality. So I ignored them afer that.

But last year I started wanting one again.  I think it started with the new version of illustrator, realizing how much more I could do if I had a tablet and stylus.

I waited, and I’m so glad that I did. Wacom introduced a new line, and I finally got one.

Its. Freaking. Amazing.

Really.  I can’t believe I waited this long to try it again, or how much they have changed. There is so much that I avoided because it was too tedious with a mouse. Certain brushes in Painter were a guaranteed carpal tunnel nightmare with only a mouse, AND they took forever.  So without realizing it, I just rarely reached for them.

I’ve been obsessed since this thing arrived. And I don’t see that ending anytime soon. It’s like having a whole new art studio.