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Anti-Abortion terrorism

I’m asking everyone I know to call the abortion clinic closest to them. Use google, find the number. Call.  Tell them you support them, that you find this latest act of violence horrifying.

I hope that you will also find some other creative thing to do in support of the women who work on the front lines, but please do this one thing.

In the 80’s I was an abortion clinic worker.  I started in college as a counselor,  eventually became a coDirector of our clinic in Tallahassee Florida. The murder of George Tiller brought all the memories of this time back, slamming back. I met Tiller twice, at conferences, but even if I hadn’t, everyone knew who he was.

He did late term abortions, those are the procedures that can make even the stalwart clinic worker wince. These procedures send the anti-abortion extremists into fits, babybabybaby it-has-fingernails apoplexy, but the truth is that these are the most heart wrenching stories. NO woman makes a decision to abort late in a pregnancy for anything other than a devastating reason. Fetuses with horrible genetic deformities, ones that will die moments after birth, and a woman chooses to end it now rather than spend another few months waiting. Or when the woman’s life may end if she continues the pregnancy. Terrible, sad stories, that should engender nothing other than our compassion and sympathy. And of the three, count em THREE doctors who were still willing to perform these abortions, one has been murdered.

I am incensed. Abortion is HEALTH CARE. What IDIOT cannot see that women have always had abortions, and always will. Women DIE having them when abortion is unsafe, illegal, inaccessible.  This is HEALTH CARE, this is not your moral soapbox, this is not about YOU or your beliefs, this is HEALTH CARE.

My heart hurts for all the women who work in clinics. I know, I remember. I remember how hard the work is, holding hands and catching tears of women who have made a choice to have an abortion. Being the compassionate face of the dark goddess who will answer questions, be the support, ensure safety, and  listen, listen, listen, is such a difficult job.  Adding the appalling environment of screaming zealots a hairthin line away from committing acts of violence, of amoral hypocritical fundamentalists who believe they have the right to participate in and even control the life changing decisions of women who are pregnant is unconscionable.

I remember the women, the clients, the faces, the hands I held and the tears I witnessed.  I also remember the Antis. I remember their names, their twisted faces, their ugly tones, their threatening postures, and the barely concealed hatred. I remember the cognitive dissonance when police wouldn’t stop them, when anyone with two brain-cells to rub together could see that this was NOT a free-speech issue, that these people were causing harm, advocating and planning violence. And I remember when a clinic nearby to ours was blown up. It was 1985, Reagan was in office, and we had been screaming that this was indeed the very definition of terrorism for years. Even that, a bomb going off in an abortion clinic, was not enough to convince our government that this was terrorism so that the protection of women, the prevention of these vile acts against clinic workers, could become enough of a priority that something would actually change.  It has been 24 years, there have been numerous deaths and injuries, countless acts of violence against clinics and clinic workers, and still, this is a QUESTION ?!? Of course it is terrorism, and 24 years of it demonstrates that it WORKS.

I picked up the phone yesterday and called an abortion clinic near my home. I spoke to two women who work there and emailed a third. I went and bought bags of good coffee and dropped them off, I let the women who do this work closest to my home KNOW that they are not alone. It has been many years since I was directly involved in the struggles of bringing safe and compassionate abortions to women who need them. This latest act of terrorism may be the one that pushes me back. Enough.  Enough !


[image title=”athena” size=”medium” id=”1072″ align=”none” alt=”Athena” ]

Greek Goddess of Wisdom, painted as a birthday excercise.  I’ve never attempted an image of Athena before, it’s just too daunting.

I guess I still do not have the wisdom one would need to paint Her. But I do feel wiser for having tried.


[image title=”nyx” size=”medium” id=”1058″ align=”none” alt=”Nyx” ]

Nyx, greek Goddess of the night. Daughter of Chaos, Mother of Eros and Day, Nyx is the primordial shadow.

the last look

[image title=”lastlook” size=”medium” id=”1050″ align=”none” alt=”Omen” ]

Omens live in our eyes.


Someone thinks I need to do this. And I do have an idea I’ve been trying to fund.  But MSDN ?  Can I do that ? I think I can rationalize it… like this: they are opening up thier API, which is a good thing.  Supporting that would be a good-thing.

But how quickly could I finish it ?