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A Hindu River Goddess known as “the one who flows”. She is a Goddess of knowledge, words, music, and creativity.

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Buy a ticket for your ancestors !

There is a fabulous samhain ritual in San Fransisco: the Spiral Dance. This year is the 30th anniversary !

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[image title=”Baalat” size=”medium” id=”1192″ align=”none” alt=”Baalat” ]

Queen of the Gods, Mistress of written language.

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Marija Gimbutas

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I found an amazing chart in Gimbutas’ The Language of the Goddess. It’s a  hand drawn set of symbols that have been found on hundreds of Bird-Goddess figures and objects from the Vinca culture, 5200 – 4000 BCE. Vinca symbols, our earliest proto-writing, predates even Egyptian hieroglyphics and Sumerian cuneiform by thousands of years.

The most amazing thing to me was the chevrons, < > .  I’d been hoping to begin to find a relationship between early written languages and those of code… and if I’d MADE THIS UP it couldn’t have been more perfect ! All of our computer languages use braces (chevrons).  The character < tells a program that a line of code is beginning and the > character ends the function or snippet of code.

I thought I was doing a painting of a Neolithic Goddess, using the Vinca symbols, thats what I set out to do.  But in the end it was a portrait of Marija Gimbutas herself.

Gimbutas fans should also check out the wonderful Signs out of Time.